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At CAMP Tent Hire, we want to make the joy of camping accessible to everyone, regardless of their camping experience or amount of camping equipment they own.

Camping is generally a much more cost-effective way of having a holiday, rather than expensive BnBs, chalets or hotels.

Whilst great for family bonding time, it also allows us to get back to nature; a desire for which is something most people experience periodically, especially when we live in urban environments among the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

CAMP Tent Hire was founded by James Vella, a Springbok Scout with extensive experience in camping and the outdoors.

As a person who regularly experiences “withdrawal symptoms” when away from the bush for too long, he wanted to help those who feel the same way to experience the magic of the great outdoors.

He would be more than happy to offer advice, should you have any queries, and welcome comments, should you have any suggestions.

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We stock a range of quality camping equipment for hire.

Our kit is regularly scrutinised, tested and maintained, to ensure a trouble free user experience.