What are your standard Terms and Conditions of Hire?

For our full T’s and C’s, please click here to visit the page.


Do I need to collect from you, or do you deliver to me?

CAMP Tent Hire has flexible options for equipment handovers. You can either collect from and return to us at our offices, or delivery and collection can be arranged at an additional fee. For more information on deliveries and collection, please see our delivery and collection page.


My booking ends on a Sunday, but you aren’t open. Will I be charged extra for returning it on Monday?

Bookings that end on a Sunday or public holiday may be returned the following morning at no charge. However, if the equipment is being used on the Sunday night, this will be charged for due to the extra “wear and tear”.


Can I pick up my equipment before the booked date?

Provided that the requested equipment has not been booked out for the night, you would be able to receive your booked equipment after 13h00 the day before your booking commences at no extra charge. Please note that this is not always possible, so please enquire ahead of time.


Are your tents waterproof?

We make use of heavy-duty nylon tents for hiking, and canvas tents for camping, which are the most waterproof tents available on the market. It is important to note that no tent is 100% waterproof. Violent storms or continuous rainy weather may cause some leakage along the seams of any tent.


I am hiring a large amount of equipment. Can I get bulk order discounts?

We can offer discounts on bulk orders, which is based on the equipment booked. Please enquire directly with us about this.